Pets in almost every family are everyone’s favorites and full-fledged members of the family. Dogs sense the mood and psycho-emotional state of their owners, so the stressful state of people during the moving process is transmitted to animals.

If you want to protect your pet from unnecessary worries, you can use the following tips:

Give your pet for foster care at a dog hotel during the move.
Ask relatives or friends to host your pet for a while.
If the above cannot be accomplished, begin to smoothly prepare the animal for the move.Where to take the dog when moving?
At the stage of packing boxes with things, you have no time for the dog. However, you should not neglect an extra kind word or an encouraging look. Just pet your dog for a few seconds and he will calm down.

Do not scold the dog when it gets under your feet, sniffing the boxes that fill the apartment. It is difficult for her to understand the reason for what is happening, hence the stress. Don’t forget to feed your dog on time and walk your dog at the usual time.

The same problems arise when you don’t know where to put your cat when you move. Talk to animals – they understand everything! Explain that you love them and everything will be fine.

Consider a rigid carrier for cats and small dogs. Introduce them to personal transport in advance by placing it in an accessible place.