Moving with is an exciting and important event in the life of every person; because of worries, you can forget something, so you must write a list of all the things that you are taking. After all, over a long period of residence, so many things accumulate in one place, from furniture to decor. Essential items must be placed in separate boxes so that they are within easy reach and can be easily taken upon arrival. Label these boxes with a different color marker or sticky note. Here is a small list of the essentials:

Food – since moving takes quite a lot of time, and the refrigerator will be turned off, there won’t be much food, so stock up on foods that don’t require refrigeration. As well as plates, cups, cutlery and drinks, or you can order delivery.
Clothes and shoes – if you simply don’t have time to immediately unpack and organize all your things, allocate a separate box for clothes for the first time for all family members. If there are special wardrobe boxes that are designed specifically for clothes. And don’t forget about shoes, pajamas and underwear. It may be worth adding an additional iron and brush for cleaning.What will you need for the move?
Hygiene products – toothbrushes and toothpaste, towels, soap, shampoo, shower gel, combs, toilet paper and hair dryer.
Bed – bed linen, pillows and blankets.
Children’s things – how much does a child need, first you need to collect the same set as yours, and then we focus on age. The baby will need diapers, a pacifier, and a bottle. The schoolchild should collect the necessary textbooks and notebooks for the next week of school, as well as take age-appropriate toys so that the children do not get bored while you are sorting out the boxes.
First aid kit – all the medications you need and definitely everything your child needs.
If you will not use the services of movers who will install all the necessary equipment and assemble the furniture, then take a set of tools.
Household chemicals – after moving you will need to wash and clean everything, so grab a few sponges, rags, detergents, as well as a mop, broom and dustpan.
Charging device.
Animals – some food and water for pets, as well as favorite toys, carrier and bowls. There is also a tray for cats and small dogs.
Scissors – will be very useful when unpacking.

But if we are talking about the necessary packaging materials, then you need to purchase boxes, bubble wrap, tape, stretch film, and wrapping paper. So that all your valuables remain safe. Enjoy packing and moving!