All people who read a lot sooner or later have a problem with unnecessary books. Which you have already read a long time ago and, in principle, you no longer need them after move with There are several options to solve this problem:

Throwing it away – I think this is the worst solution to the problem, since not everyone will raise their hand to throw away once precious publications. But if the book is really in bad condition and has already been read a million times, why not? For example, old children’s books that the child has not read for a long time and they do not carry any value. As well as old books that have been preserved from school and student years.
Leave them near the house, in the entrance – it would be a pity to throw them away, but you don’t really need them? Leave it in the front door, one hundred percent, one of the neighbors will be interested and take it for themselves. Or the cleaning lady will throw them away, in any case, the conscience is clear.What to do with the accumulated books?
Recycling – Many cities have recycling bins for paper, which is then taken away and recycled. If you haven’t found such bins, then search the Internet about paper recycling and you’ll definitely come across activists who will take them or the address of the collection point.
Giving it to the library is not a 100% guarantee that they will be accepted, because the books must be in good condition, but there is still a chance of finding a good home for the works.
Distribute to friends or relatives – ask your friends and family, perhaps they will be interested in this or that book and will be happy to take it for themselves.
Sell online or at a flea market – if you don’t feel like standing at a fair, then you can go in and sell them through literally almost every application, of course at a slightly reduced price, if it’s a fairly valuable publication or just a currently popular book, it will be torn off with hands.
Donate to charity – this point probably applies more to children’s organizations or homes for the elderly, look to see if there are such places in your city and ask if they need books.