Moving without is a complex and lengthy process that certainly requires a lot of effort and time. Of course, after arriving in a new place, and even more so if in a new city, a person will encounter a large number of difficulties. For example:

Long unpacking of things, possible purchase of furniture or something for the home.
Not knowing where to go to the store, where the nearest hairdresser is, or how to get to work more conveniently.
New neighbors who will get to know each other and ask questions (maybe this is a plus for some). And also new colleagues who you may not like.
All minor difficulties come to the fore: something in the apartment may stop working or the hot water is often turned off.
And there are many other problems, against the background of which a person may think on a subconscious level that he is unlucky in this particular place. Simply because many new problems have arisen. What to do? Yes, after arriving at home, and even more so in another city, many issues need to be resolved. But there is no need to build bad associations with this place, how can you not think about the bad?What to do if after moving to a new place setbacks occur?

Time for yourself – rest, moving took a lot of effort, relax. Take time for yourself, do something you love, enjoy a new place, meet (if possible) with friends. Take a hot bath, meet someone.
If you have lost your old job, then immediately after moving it is better to stay at least a few days at home so that you can calmly get used to it. Make some acquaintances, and maybe you’ll find a new job.
If you don’t want to take things apart, don’t rush. Out-of-season items, books and dishes can sit for several days.
The main thing is not to be nervous and do everything calmly and measuredly.
Sometimes problems are only in our heads, but in reality we just make them up amid stress.