Many people don’t think about the fact that the work of movers is not easy, especially if they are professional movers. Which are engaged not only in carrying things, but also perform many other tasks, for example:

Transfer of things, furniture, equipment, building materials, etc.;
Ascent and descent, both by stairs and in the elevator;
Disassembly and assembly of furniture;
Packing things (collecting clothes, equipment, fragile items in boxes), as well as packing furniture and large cargo.
A loader is not just a person who is engaged in moving; in addition to all the above tasks, in large companies movers perform many more functions, for example:

Dismantling furniture, namely kitchen drawers, shelves, etc.;What is the job of loaders?
Dismantling of appliances, stoves, air conditioners, electronics, illuminated mirrors, etc.;
Removing mirrors, paintings, etc.;
Lifting heavy weights, safes, pianos, windows and many other large objects.
In the same way, the tariffs for services differ, since the scope of work for each order is different. In most companies, the tariff is calculated approximately the same:

Basic tariff;
Additional payment for floor/aisle/weight;
Additional payment for dismantling/disassembly/assembly/installation, etc.

So, when you order a loader service, you immediately warn us about all the possible difficulties that we may encounter. So that in the end, you will not be surprised by the final cost of the order, and there will be no litigation.