To quickly and comfortably move with to another city or city, you don’t need much:

The first and most important thing is to collect things, pack them, be careful when packing fragile things, especially dishes;
Disassemble and pack furniture if it does not fit through doors, elevators or stairs;
Order a truck – this can be done before the first two points, if you want professionals from the company to do this for you. If you plan to do this yourself, then you should call after all this.
In order for the dispatcher to select the right vehicle and the number of movers for you, you need to accurately describe the number of things, furniture, and everything being transported. After all, if you do not describe your cargo or take photographs when the manager asks you to do so, then a smaller vehicle may arrive at your place. As a result, all the luggage cannot fit in the car.What is needed for a successful move?

You accurately describe the cargo, attaching photographs if necessary;
A vehicle of the required size and with the agreed number of loaders arrives to you;
The movers crew loads your things, dismantles furniture, etc., what you previously agreed upon;
Quiet road to the unloading point;
Unloading the car and bringing it into the apartment;
Payment with the driver.
Calmly, measuredly and at the speed that is convenient for you as a client and movers. This is how a successful move should go.