Moving with to a new home is a joyful moment; collecting things, thinking through the arrangement and layout of a new place, I think it’s wonderful. So, the things are collected, the boxes are packed, the furniture is disassembled and the movers are already slowly loading everything into the car, but upon arrival it turns out that you forgot to pick up your favorite cup or microwave, why will these things remain for the new owners. To prevent such situations with forgotten things from arising, you need to clearly plan a collection plan, a list of things, and also discuss all the nuances with the buyer.

Let’s start with the fact that there are no exact criteria for what can be left in the old apartment, because in each case everything happens individually. But you definitely have to leave the keys, all documents, paid utility bills and, of course, the property. And decide for yourself all the questions about the future of the rest of the property: take it, throw it away or sell it to a buyer at a good price. First, you need to discuss the issue of built-in communications (telephone, intercom, boiler,

What do they leave in the apartment after moving?

moving to a new apartment. Happy family couple and a lot of cardboard boxes.

safe, lamps, air conditioning), because some of them are selected individually for the living space. Many people think that this is included in the price and is an integral part of the purchase.

Before leaving, measure everything in the new apartment, namely the passages, possible places for closets, bedside tables, chests of drawers and other furniture. Perhaps your furniture from your previous apartment simply won’t fit through the doorway or won’t fit where you wanted to put it. If it doesn’t work or for other reasons you don’t want to take it, offer to leave it to the new owner, maybe they will need it. Most likely, it will cost more to customize old furniture to fit the room than to buy new furniture.

The same applies to large-sized equipment, perhaps it will also not work somewhere, so it’s also worth clarifying this point. And also, immediately ask whether the owners want to see an empty apartment or if you can leave what you don’t need.