We all make mistakes, sometimes they are easy to correct, and sometimes we waste precious time, money and nerves. These are the consequences that happen after moving without https://www.flashmoving.net/household-movers/apartment-movers/two-bedroom-movers/ if you do something wrong. It would seem so simple, pack your things, load them into the car, arrive and unload. But no, most people simply lack the necessary experience, but it’s understandable why, we don’t move every day. In this article we have collected several common mistakes.

We’ll do everything ourselves – we have a lot of friends and relatives who will help us, we have a car with a trailer, and our neighbor has a truck, so we can handle it ourselves, why spend money on it? Suddenly, on the day of moving, a neighbor’s back hurt, a friend was urgently called to work, and relatives let him down. You have to look for a car and pay extra for speed and urgency, you don’t need this. It is better to immediately agree with a moving company, which will arrive in advance, collect and pack your cargo, and deliver it safely and without loss to its destination.
Save money, save money – you honestly called several companies and chose the cheapest one, the day of moving has come. The movers arrived, so to speak, in an unkempt state, the car was dirty and the cost made itself felt. They are loaded and require more money from you than originally planned, there is nowhere to go and you will pay them or refuse services even before loading, in which case you will have to order more expensive transportation.
We’ll order from different places – one company has a cheaper car, and another company has loaders, we’ll order from different ones. With this option, there is a risk that one of the guys will be late and will have to pay extra.Typical mistakes when moving
Saving on packaging – why spend money on expensive packaging, because we already have a lot of unnecessary materials at home, we can pack everything in an old blanket. Perhaps this option will work with clothes, toys and bedding, but not with furniture, expensive appliances and utensils. Such a careless attitude to packaging can lead to damage and malfunction of the cargo.
We have a car with a trailer, we will take everything away ourselves – perhaps if you have very few things, then you can do it in a few trips, but if we are talking about a large apartment move, several trips back and forth are not enough. Maybe the trailer can fit one row of boxes, but a second? You will secure it with all the available ropes and so on, but you will still go with not one hundred percent strong packaging, as a result the boxes may fly out at the turn. But what about the TV and refrigerator, it will drive in a semi-recumbent state and will earn itself scratches.
There is no need to disassemble the furniture – really, why? After all, our men or loaders are strong guys and will calmly endure everything. But you probably forget about the stairs, the elevator and narrow corridors, as well as doorways; with this situation, you can not only damage the furniture, but also the walls.

Freight transportation services will easily fit into your budget, but also do not forget about safe companies that will provide contracts. The move will be successful if you do not make mistakes, and even better, learn from others.