Probably every second person on the planet has a pet, for some it is a small cat or dog, and for others a whole cow is their favorite. In any case, when the day of moving with comes, it is very important to take your pet with you. But how to do this if the animal is especially large?

If there is nothing else in the back or there are boxes, for example, then yes, of course you can. The main thing in this matter is not to harm a living creature in any way and to act according to all safety rules:Transporting animals in a truck

Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. – they must be kept in a carrier. Firstly, for safety reasons, so that they are not covered with some kind of heavy box. Secondly, so that they do not shit in the car and do not stain your cargo in any way;
Small rodents and reptiles – if they are in small terrariums/cages, you can take them with you to the passenger compartment. You can do the same with any small animal, it is important to control the process if you want to hold it in your arms so as not to interfere with the driver in any way;
Weather – keep in mind that when sitting with the driver you can turn on the air conditioning or heating, but in the back it will be very hot or cold like outside. Therefore, the animal may not be able to withstand long-term transportation. To do this, give him a bowl of water; if the trip is long, you can go to the toilet in it;
Food – it is advisable not to feed your pets a few hours before transportation, so that they do not accidentally vomit on you during transportation;
Particularly large animals – for example, we recently transported a calf. To do this, they laid an oilcloth in the back and left him some water, and also laid him on his side so that he would not be damaged in any way on the road. Of course, this is an economical transportation option, since there is specialized transport for cattle.
If the transportation is less than 100 kilometers, then you don’t have to worry about your pets; they will easily endure the journey.