High quality packaging
Carefully folding things so that nothing gets lost during a house move is not an easy task. Don’t want to wrap your furniture with film yourself? Movers will help you pack and put your things in the car. Taking the elevator or stairs, going up to the floor – these services are in demand among those who do not have the time, desire or ability to do the routine on their own. Personal belongings must be packed into moving boxes yourself and labeled according to the contents: “dishes”, “linen”, “books”, etc.

How to prepare furniture
Cabinets, tables, bedside tables and sideboards must be completely emptied of their contents. All protruding parts – handles, fasteners, decorations – must be removed, if possible. When moving, it is recommended to seal the doors with tape so that they do not accidentally open in the body of the Gazelle. Specialists will additionally secure all the furniture using cables, belts and ropes, so the valuable cargo will be safe when shaking.

What to do with unnecessary things?Tips for moving
Don’t want to take your old kitchen stove or peeling bathroom with you to your new apartment? Gazelkin will help you remove unnecessary trash from your apartment and dispose of it properly. Has construction debris accumulated? Loaders easily store waste and throw away bulky or heavy objects and take out unnecessary items.

Arrange furniture, connect equipment
Already know how to furnish a new apartment? Just draw a diagram and our specialists will arrange the furniture taking into account your layout. In the kitchen they will connect household appliances and a stove, in the common room they will hang curtain rods, in the bedroom they will assemble shelves, cabinets and a bed. Useful advice when moving: call a professional for an hour to solve all minor household problems in one fell swoop and then calmly settle into your new place.

Moving day
It is not necessary to order a Gazelle in advance; just call Gazelkin and the car will arrive in 15 minutes. If you have few things, a small cargo taxi will go; for large families with large luggage, there is a measuring service. When calling the call center, be sure to tell the operator approximately how many items you have – this will help you choose the right vehicle.

If you have pets, you should take care of them in advance. The animal can be given a light sedative and placed in a special container for transportation. The pet will travel in the Gazelle cabin with the owner – this is permitted by road rules. If it is possible to transport a cat or dog separately, it is better to take this chance so as not to put the animal under unnecessary stress when moving.