Pets are sensitive to change. They experience discomfort and stress. To reduce their worries during the move with to a minimum:

1. Make a plan
Plan your pet’s relocation in advance. Then you can choose a time to get ready that will be less stressful for your pet.

2. Save your four-legged friend’s space
When collecting things, save space, then your pets will feel calmer. Don’t place boxes where they spend a lot of time. Remember that they need space to move around freely. Otherwise, accidental impacts or jumps will cause the boxes to fall or, worse, cause injury.

3. Avoid noisy or dangerous packaging materials
Some animals hate the sound of boxes being moved or the loud squeak of duct tape. Others can’t stand bubble wrap or the dreaded squeak of foam. So think about how you can minimize these problems. We recommend locking your pet in another room so that he is away from the hustle and bustle, as well as the terrible noise of packing.Tips for moving with pets

4. Take care of safety
Whenever possible, use pet-safe and eco-friendly packaging materials in case your furry (or not!) friend tries to sneak a bite or wants to play. Keeping your packing materials in another room should save you from such problems entirely, but safe materials are a great choice anyway. Make sure food and water bowls are kept away from the packing process – you don’t want packing materials to get caught in them. And keep all boxes, especially heavy ones, away to prevent your animal from being injured.

5. Place all your pet’s belongings in a separate box.
Your pet has his own things – toys, blankets – that make him feel safe and at home. Pack them last on moving day and place them in a separate box. Fill this box with their food, water and food bowls, medications, etc. And make sure the box is clearly labeled so you can easily find it once you get there.

6. Minimize worries
When moving day arrives, try to make your friend less stressed. Ask your friends, family, or a trusted pet care professional to come and help on moving day. It is necessary to keep your pet calm and away from fuss. Whether it’s relaxing with them in a quiet empty room at home or going for a walk.