All keyboard musical instruments, by their nature, weigh a minimum of 200 to 450 kilograms (if you do not take into account the piano). The type of transportation in https://www.flashmoving.net/long-distance-movers/boston-new-york-moving/ directly depends on the weight of the product:

Up to 250 kg – such a tool can be lifted and moved from the apartment by two fairly strong loaders, which will be equipped with rigging belts. Climbing or descending stairs will be more difficult to overcome, but experienced specialists can cope with this. If you are not sure that two can do it, it is better to take four;
Up to 450 kg – definitely four loaders, and also quite strong. If you have an old house and cramped stairwells, going up or down the stairs will be much more difficult.
Movers use belts, without them it is impossible to lift such a large and heavy load, and without them it is impossible to correctly distribute the weight over the body. Always think in advance whether the tool will fit up the stairs and whether it will be able to fit into the elevator; to do this, first measure the elevator and the passage with a tape measure. Also think about the packaging, although it would be minimal. For example, wrap the piano with stretch film several times and perfectly protect the corners and legs from minor damage. Remember! That the item is extremely large and one awkward movement can damage the appearance.The process of transporting pianos and safes

Shipping and handling is similar to that of a piano, but the number of movers may also determine the size. The fact is that a huge number of people will not be able to approach even a very heavy, but small safe. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the physical capabilities of movers.

Small up to forty kg – 1 person;
Medium-large up to one hundred kg – 2 people;
Up to three hundred kg – 4 people;
Up to five hundred kg – 6-eight people;
Above five hundred kg – it is better to call special equipment; if the dimensions can allow everyone to grasp it, then at least 8 loaders.