And yet, how to understand how many movers you will need for your move.

For moving a small one-room apartment, if you have friends ready to help, one professional mover is enough.

For moving to a country house, a one-room apartment or carrying furniture (piano, wardrobe, sofa), two people are an excellent solution, provided there is no large cargo.

Number of movers needed for moving

Two young handsome smiling movers wearing uniforms are unloading the van full of boxes. House move, mover service.

If you are moving a small three-room or two-room apartment, you must invite three movers. Although an even number of them will significantly speed up the moving process.

Four five
With a larger number of rooms (up to four or five), four people will quickly and accurately pack and move your things, easily completing the task.

15-20 loaders
Moving a cottage, transporting offices and other work of increased complexity will require five or more (up to 15, sometimes up to 20) movers. To call such a number of workers, it is advisable to agree on a date and time in advance.