You need to carefully select a transport company. Best – It’s clear that when moving you want to save a little. However, you should not immediately give preference to the cheapest offer on the market. You don’t want your refrigerator and sofa to arrive in a new city with defects? Of course, a budget proposal does not mean bad. But the bottom line is this: if other companies offer approximately the same price for the same service, and one company gives too low a price and this is not a promotional offer, then something is most likely wrong here. What should you pay attention to, besides price, in order to carefully choose a shopping mall? The main factors are: the condition of the trucks, the presence of positive reviews about the company, and the experience of the drivers. At the same time, initially note for yourself the level of service from the first call. Important: enter into an agreement with the transport company.
Consider cargo insurance. Unforeseen situations can happen through no fault of the shopping center. If your cargo contains valuable or expensive items, it is recommended that you take out additional insurance. The carrier company usually already has agreements with some insurance companies, so there’s no need to bother again.

Nuances when transporting things

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You need to consider how many boxes or other packaging you will need for transportation. Scotch tape, polyethylene with “pimples”, cardboard sheets, multi-colored markers, stickers, and large-capacity garbage bags will definitely come in handy. Pay attention to the capacity of the boxes. In order to transport clothes from the closet directly on hangers, you can use special cardboard shipping boxes with holes for hooks inside.
It is worth starting assembling things in advance, at least 4 days before the expected transportation date. Initially, you need to put away items that will not be useful right away. For example, photo albums, spare towels and bed linens, books, framed photos. Place essential items in separate boxes and sign that they should be loaded last and taken out first. Collect various expensive items – documents, equipment, jewelry, cash, etc. – at the very last moment and take them with you, not in the cargo compartment. Other items can be sorted and put in any order. Among the principles of division there are: by room of residence (bedroom, children’s room, playroom, living room, kitchen, study) or by use (things and items for sports, household chemicals for washing and cleaning, dishes and equipment for cooking, etc.) .
The load must be protected from rain. Even if the boxes get wet, you want to keep the contents dry. This is easy to do as follows: first we put an open garbage bag in the box and straighten it there, then we fold the things and secure the bag.
Furniture should be prepared. If you have large items that you will be transporting, first disassemble them into smaller parts. This is necessary to easily remove furniture from one home and bring it into another. If necessary, you can call a furniture assembler/disassembler. Oversized furniture should not be disassembled so as not to damage it. If you plan to disassemble the furniture yourself, then create an algorithm for yourself that will help when assembling the furniture. Place the accessories in a container or strong bag, and then wrap them with bubble wrap and tape. To pack furniture parts, you can use sheets of cardboard or the same film. Pay special attention to the corners of the furniture.
The equipment should be prepared. If necessary, clean the equipment and dry it. If there is something inside the equipment (for example, baking sheets inside the oven), it needs to be pulled out and folded separately. Secure the wires, flaps and doors with tape. Happy moving!