There are several ways to transport things to another city: by container, freight of or personal vehicle. Each has its own characteristics:

container. The method is suitable for a large number of things and sending over long distances. All your things will go to your new apartment in one place. Even a car will fit into it – you won’t have to sell or move it yourself. The container can be rented for one family or combined cargo for several families. Before shipping, they are sealed and opened in front of you. Containers are transported by truck, train, ship or plane. The speed of delivery of your property depends on the chosen transport;
truck. Suitable if you have a lot of things, but they will fit into a standard gazelle body. When moving with the help of a truck, you can accompany your things – this service is available in some cargo transportation companies. Another “plus” of the truck is that you can order a team of loaders for it. When transported by freight transport, items are insured;Methods of transporting things
a car. It will contain a small number of things. Suitable for those who like to move “light”, without furniture, books and household appliances. The carrying capacity of a passenger car is very limited, and you need to leave room for people in the cabin. But with such a move, you can definitely accompany your things or transport them yourself. But remember – if you and your friends do not have a car, then not every taxi driver or fellow traveler from a special service will agree to transport your luggage. It is worth thinking about this point in advance.
There are such moves when all things are put into a backpack. In this case, people do not have to think about transportation methods – they can easily take all their property with them into the train car or plane. But such moves are relatively rare, because not everyone is ready to leave their favorite things, furniture, and equipment in their old home.