Transporting a washing machine and other large household appliances involves various difficulties. If you have just purchased such a product, then use the store’s delivery service. But what should you do if you need to move the washing machine when moving or send a household appliance to the country? We will talk about this in this article.

Everything needs to be prepared correctly
The best option when transporting household appliances is to use the original packaging for this. But you are unlikely to have saved it after purchase. Therefore, use foam rubber, polystyrene foam or old blankets. These materials will help protect household appliances from damage.

Delivery of a washing machine from one place to another is carried out in four steps:

Unplug the household appliance. Then you can begin to disconnect from the water supply system.
Drain off any remaining water. Use the drain hose to remove any remaining liquid that could cause problems when transporting the machine.
Secure moving parts. Secure all wires and hoses with tape. This will protect them from damage during transportation.
Additionally protect protruding parts with rubber gaskets. Reduce the risk of the drum door accidentally opening.
After the preparatory work, the washing machine is transferred to the car and fixed in it motionless.Is it possible to transport a washing machine lying down?

Are safety bolts required during transport?
After purchasing a washing machine, it will be delivered to you using safety bolts. They protect the drum from loosening during transportation. If such bolts are safely lost, then you can transport the “washing machine” without them.

But it’s not that simple. To prevent moving parts from moving inside the washing machine, you need to open its lid and secure all moving parts. To do this, you can use foam rubber and other materials that will prevent parts from becoming loose. When securing the drum, everything must be done to eliminate the risk of damage. The lid can be closed and the appliance can be moved into the van.

How to transport a washing machine?
The best option is to transport the washing machine by special service employees who transport personal belongings. Specialists with extensive experience know how to properly pack, load and secure a washing machine in a car. If you do not want to spend your money, you can use personal transport. Well, you need to understand that a passenger car is not suitable for such transportation. And loading and unloading can only be done together with someone else. It will be difficult for one person to carry out such work.

There are two options for transporting the washing machine: vertically or on the back wall. This household appliance cannot be transported on the front wall or top cover.