Moving is such a difficult and long task for any person that not everyone can cope with. Unbearable packing, packing things into boxes and a cat huddled under the sofa in horror. All people cope with moving with differently.

In the chaos of getting ready, you will forget something in particular, be it a charger, car keys or a microwave. Preparations for a large-scale move of the entire apartment need to be planned. What to do if you don’t have time to collect at all? You can get across in just a few hours if you apply these recommendations:Is it possible to move in one day?

List – the first and most important thing is a list of things to be transported, just like when going shopping you need to have a piece of paper with tips. Quickly write down everything you need to take with you, it will be even easier to navigate when you enter the room and see what is in it. For example, when entering the bathroom, you immediately need to enter all kinds of shampoos and hygiene products, etc.;
Unnecessary cargo – impartially assess how long you are leaving for and how many things you will need. Since urgent preparations are taking place due to the outbreak of hostilities in our country, absolutely no one understands how long they are leaving and when they will return home. In such a situation, it is necessary to take things for the given season (winter) and for warmer weather if necessary. You shouldn’t pack everything for one season, especially if you have small children.
Any move can be carried out urgently, the main thing is not to be nervous and soberly assess the situation!