No major apartment move with would be complete without transporting pets, which complement every home and are also an integral part of the family. These can range from small animals from hamsters and exotic reptiles to larger breeds of dogs and cats. It is advisable to transport all pets in carriers, especially small ones that can be crushed by things. If you want your furbaby to be with you in the cabin, please confirm this with the manager in advance, and also bring a carrier and leash.

Large dogs can be transported in the back if the animal by nature feels comfortable in a confined space and will sit quietly in the car. If she is too worried, then it is better to take her with you to the driver’s cabin. Small dogs can be transported in the driver’s cabin, but it is better to get a carrier.How to transport pets correctly?

These are quite shy animals that always hide, are afraid of sharp sounds and large numbers of strangers, so they should only be transported in carriers and kept nearby. One awkward move and they can run away; if possible, it is better not to let them out of the carrier. If you need a toilet stop, purchase a special leash for cats, and also take their usual toilet with you, so as not to create even more stress for the animal from an unusual environment.

All animals that by nature live in aquariums, cages and terrariums must be transported in this way only. But it is worth considering that some of them, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats, are shy and can even die from fright. Therefore, you need to avoid sharp and loud sounds as much as possible, and also cover the cage with some kind of light towel.

Take care of your pets and don’t make them go through this difficult journey even more difficult!