The opening of the motorcycle season is coming, and the topic of transporting motorcycles is now more relevant than ever. Transporting a motorcycle is a responsible task that requires a special approach. The answer to the question of how to properly transport a motorcycle depends on the weight of the vehicle.

A vehicle equipped with a motorized boat is suitable for transporting heavy models. Transportation of the lungs can be done with a special ladder. An equipped pickup truck is used for evacuation. Loading is carried out using a ramp, which serves as the rear side of the fence. The motorcycle is attached to the body with guy wires.

For a light motorcycle, it is enough to order a minibus equipped with a ladder and fastening straps. Transportation on its side is not recommended, as it can damage the plastic and engine components.How to transport motorcycles correctly?
The motorcycle must be positioned on the vehicle in a certain way: in some models, the gas tank and engine must be positioned vertically, and the motorcycle itself must be securely fixed.
A prerequisite for safe transportation is the rigid fixation of the front wheel and frame on the vehicle. To avoid the risk of incompleteness, delivery is made assembled.
An experienced biker, Artem B., gave us some useful tips when transporting a motorcycle: “After securing the motorcycle, stand on the trailer and jump on it. This will simulate the situation when transporting the motorcycle and will help you understand whether you need to tighten the belts more. Ask someone Having someone help you and hold the motorcycle in an upright position while you secure it will make the task much easier.To keep the motorcycle securely on the trailer, it is recommended to use tie-down straps with a strong metal buckle and a toothed grip.
Stop periodically while driving. Get out of the car and check the straps on the trailer to make sure nothing has moved and nothing needs to be adjusted.”