To transport a sofa to the dacha, many people use personal cars the old fashioned way.

One popular method of transportation is a roof rack on the vehicle. The sofa is disassembled, each part is packed in protective film and then it all is placed on the trunk. However, this method is good for furniture that is not too large, because… a loaded car must maintain balance along the way.

Country roads are often accompanied by potholes, ruts and dirt, which does not contribute to comfortable and safe transportation. It is very important to fasten the sofa firmly and securely with ropes and special belts, drive slowly and periodically check the reliability of the fastening. On a country road washed out by rain, you should carefully balance, not allowing the car to roll too much to avoid skidding.How to transport a sofa to the country house

Some people transport small sofas in the trunk of station wagons, but low cars can “sag” even more under the weight of the load and cannot cope with difficult sections of country roads.

How to transport a sofa on a trailer
A trailer can hold a much larger volume of cargo than any passenger car. Before loading into a trailer, the sofa must also be disassembled, packed in a special film and placed in the trailer in such a way that the furniture parts are not “free floating”, but are securely fixed.

The optimal solution for transporting a sofa to the dacha would be to rent a truck from a trusted transport company.