Transporting things without in itself is a dusty and troublesome task. But transporting things will not be a problem for you if you know the subtleties and take them into account. Let’s talk about transporting a sofa, it is done very easily, a cargo taxi arrives at the place where the furniture is picked up, and the movers (the customer himself) take it down the elevator or stairs. The sofa may need to be disassembled first if, when assembled, it will not fit through the door or into the elevator. And also pack, this can be done by qualified movers, or you can do it yourself, how to do it?How to transport a sofa to another city?

If your sofa does not require disassembly, then you can start packing. Take stretch film, wrap the soft part in several layers and secure with tape. After this, you can further protect the legs, namely with cardboard and tape or stretch.
A simpler packaging option is to wrap it in a sheet or blanket.
The furniture requires disassembly, disassemble it or wait for the movers, after disassembly, pack all the parts in the same way, and put the remaining screws and screws in a separate bag so as not to lose them.