Nowadays, almost every large office or apartment has one item that unites them. Both the administrator and the ordinary person who wants to move can have a lot of trouble with it. A safe can be of completely different sizes, shapes, volumes and weights. Just these features and conditions of transportation with directly depend on everything listed above.

Believe me, there will be no hassle with it, but there are “small and remote” safes that, despite their size, can weigh 100 kilograms. An ordinary safe, which can be placed in a box and its weight does not reach 50 kg, does not require any special effort or transportation conditions. Heavier ones (up to 100 kg) need to be carried by two people.How to transport a safe?

At the moment we will estimate the volume and weight, for example, let’s take the dimensions: 60 cm depth, 170 cm height, weight 550 kg and it stands right in the closet. How to transport such a heavy device:

For such a weight, at least 6 loaders are required, and preferably 8 (a pair is always required). Six strong movers can lift such a weight, but they are unlikely to load it into the car;
A car with a tail lift, it will be much easier to take this car, because there is practically no need to pull the safe. It is placed on the rocker and rolled/lifted into the car;
Without a tail lift, it will be more difficult, but it can be done; in this case, you definitely need to order a larger number of loaders;
Belts are a mandatory component; these are bandages that are attached to the movers and to the safe so that the load is distributed more evenly. To make it easier to grab and carry.