A refrigerator is, on the one hand, a very fancy piece of equipment, and on the other, a very convenient item for transportation. On average they weigh up to 60-70, and the weight is 1.8-2 meters in height. But don’t forget about the packaging; if you buy a refrigerator, the packaging will add at least 10 centimeters.

How to transport it anyway?

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Old refrigerators – if you don’t plan to use it anymore or are taking it to a landfill, then you can take it however you like;

New ones – you should always consult with a consultant, because some can be transported lying down, but most, unfortunately, cannot;How to transport a refrigerator correctly?

Broken ones – it’s better not to break them and carry them standing so that the master can fix it;

Side-by-side are two-door refrigerators that need to be transported only while standing, and you will need to take four loaders;

Freezers and refrigerated display cases are standing only, some display cases can even be disassembled.

It is best to clarify every time you buy new large equipment how to transport it correctly, because consultants in stores must understand the characteristics of all items. As for loaders for a standard refrigerator, two people with belts are suitable, which can easily lift it up or down the stairs. Equipment weighing over 150 kg and restaurant equipment is best carried by 4+ loaders.