Transporting birds in a cage is the most standard way to move them to a new location, but it is suitable for well-established parrots. In addition, it is recommended to use it only when moving short distances. In other cases, it should not be used, since a frightened bird may begin to rush around the cage and may injure itself. It also happened that the parrot fell from its perch and was seriously injured. Before transporting budgies in winter, remember: drafts are deadly for these birds. Think about how you will keep your pet warm on the road.

There are special carrying cages in which three walls are made blank and one is barred. This allows you to provide the bird with comfort in several ways:

with this cage design, the pet is more reliably protected from drafts and cold than with a conventional one;
the parrot will not hurt itself or damage anything;How to transport a parrot in a cage during the cold season
After moving in a transport cage, the bird is moved to a regular one, in which it will continue to live, which means that the stress suffered will remain a thing of the past.

Try to talk to your pet, it is important for him to understand that you are nearby and nothing threatens him. Take care of the peace of your parrot, since there are cases when the bird died after suffering stress on the road. If you are traveling on a train or train, you can place the cage on the table or next to you. Provided that there are no drafts in the carriage and it is warm enough, the insulating layer from the carrier can be completely or partially removed. If there are several birds, it is better to place them in different cages so that they cannot injure each other.

If you have to travel a short distance, you can do without food and water. In case of a long trip (more than 2-3 hours), make sure that the bird has the opportunity to refresh itself along the way. To do this, you can sprinkle a little food on the floor of the carrier, put a piece of apple – it satisfies both hunger and thirst well. Before transporting your parrot in a car, you can pre-equip the cage with a feeder and drinker, making sure that they are securely fixed.