Many pieces of furniture will be fairly easy to prepare for transport to your new home. But some items require special attention to ensure safe delivery with These are things like:


To ship your mattress, you will need a shipping box for it; it can be purchased at some online stores. Place the mattress and box spring in the bags and then place them in the shipping box. It will provide additional protection that will help prevent the mattress from getting dirty during transport.


When you prepare to move your bookcase, remove all books. If shelves are not part of it, remove them and pack them in a box before shipping. Place all the small cabinet parts in a bag and place them in the box.How to ship furniture that requires special care


When transporting the sofa, wrap it in film. Before wrapping it, you can put decorative pillows in/on it that you would normally have on the sofa. These items will not significantly increase the weight or bulk of the item, but may provide some protection that can be extremely helpful throughout the shipping process. Additionally, you can remove the legs from the sofa before shipping. This will protect them from scratches and breakage. It can also help carry it through narrow doorways.

How to send dining table and chairs

Your dining table may be one of the largest and heaviest items you plan to move. Check in advance whether the legs can be safely removed. Many tables have unscrewed legs, which makes transportation much easier. If you have a table with a glass top, you will need to wrap it carefully to avoid damage during transportation. You can also wrap the chairs and use soft cushions for protection during transport.

With these tips, you’ll be better prepared to ship yours safely and increase the chances of it reaching its destination safely.