Sooner or later, our family grows and move with and the size of the refrigerator no longer suits us at all, or the equipment has served its useful life. What to do in such situations? Where and how to take unnecessary equipment?

Not an old refrigerator – such a thing, provided it looks good, can be sold on any sales site. Be sure to indicate the year of manufacture and brand. Even an old but working tool can be sold. Now there are services that buy old working and non-working refrigerators and, in general, any equipment. For what? After it is taken from you and disassembled for parts, the price may depend on the year of manufacture, service life, and working condition.How to remove an old refrigerator?
You can order a cargo taxi, the movers can pick up any household appliances and anything else, and then take them to specially designated landfills, where the things will be disassembled and disposed of according to all the rules. Cargo taxi will do everything for you, you just need to call, the managers will provide you with professional advice.
Give it to someone who needs it, you can put it on the Internet even without a price, those who really need it will tear it off with their hands.
Now you can even take your old equipment to a store where they will pay you for it, but before that, check to see if such services are available in your city.