Moving is, in principle, not an easy matter, but if it is urgent, then you should act quickly and follow the steps:


Packaging – purchase packaging materials as quickly as possible, for this you do not need to go to the epicenter distant from you, there is definitely something nearby, for example, poshta, where you can buy boxes. You shouldn’t rake everything up and put it in bags, as this, firstly, is inconvenient, and secondly, it takes up more space;How to quickly transport things from another city?
Collecting things – if you need to completely free up the space of the apartment, do not look at things, act confidently. Fold all T-shirts and jeans, even if you don’t wear them, don’t think about it, you can audit your clothes later. Remember that you need to put everything heavy at the bottom of the box, and lighter ones at the top. Also, for convenience, you can label boxes by room/family member, for example, a box from the bathroom/kitchen or a husband’s box;
Truck – use a moving company, don’t call the first one you see or the cheapest one. It’s better to spend 15-20 minutes reading reviews than to miss a box or wait 3 hours for a car. You can handle loading/unloading the car yourself, but by ordering movers you will save a lot of time. Call the dispatcher, explain the urgency of the situation, this can be done at the initial stage, when even things are not collected, since movers can come and help with assembling the boxes, taking the packaging with them.

When you contact our company with a request for relocation, the dispatcher will tell you all the tariffs and they will not depend on the deadlines. The crew vehicle, along with all the previously discussed packaging, will arrive at your location within an hour (or earlier, depending on traffic jams). During this time, you can collect things in a pile, and then simply put them in boxes, disassemble some furniture, turn off the equipment. When moving to another city, you can go with a driver, since all cars have two passenger seats. Even if you have ordered loaders, they may not go along with the cargo, but only load it, and a driver can help you with unloading.