If a tall refrigerator (above 175 cm) from LG, Bosch or other brands is transported while standing, this will affect the cost of transportation, since a vehicle with large dimensions will be needed. But this method is optimal, in which the possibility of damaging the unit is minimal. You, as the owner, need to do the following:

You should not transport the refrigerator without defrosting it; on the contrary, defrost the refrigeration unit and wash it from the inside;
remove all drawers, lids, trays;
Use special air bubble film to pack the electric refrigerator itself and its individual parts – it will help avoid scratches on the surface. You can also pack everything in cardboard, polystyrene foam, or thick polyethylene;How to properly transport a refrigerator in a car

Experienced movers know how best to transport Atlant, Indesit and other refrigerators in a vertical position. The angle of inclination should not exceed 40° – only in this case will it be possible to completely avoid oil getting into the tubes. If your refrigeration unit has an external spring suspension, tighten all shipping bolts before loading it into a vehicle. Inside the car, the electric refrigerator is secured using stops and gaskets; its doors are secured with special soft belts or masking tape. During transportation, there must be at least one person in the cabin who controls the position of the refrigerator during movement and, if necessary, holds it.

Important! If the refrigeration unit is transported during the cold season, after delivery to the site and installation, you should not immediately connect it to the electrical network. The fact is that frost causes the oil in the compressor to harden, and therefore increases the load during operation. This entails a reduction in the overall service life and rapid failure. Therefore, you need to give the electric refrigerator enough time (about a day) for the oil in its compressor to warm up to room temperature, and for the condensation formed on the contacts due to the temperature difference to evaporate.