The greater the distance to your destination, the more thoroughly your things should be packed.

If you don’t throw away boxes of small household appliances and equipment, it’s time to use them and transport things in their “original” containers. We carefully wrap dishes and other fragile items in paper and put them in boxes, interspersed with towels or soft toys.

We make sure to label the boxes! This will serve as an excellent guide for you when sorting things out in a new place. We prepare large household appliances, furniture, mirrors, etc. for moving.How to properly pack things when moving to another city

Are you done with your preparations? It’s time to evaluate the volume and mass of things. If you cannot do this on your own, the best solution would be to invite a representative of a reliable cargo transportation company. An on-site specialist will determine the approximate volume and suggest suitable transport.

The advantages of organizing a move to another city by professionals are obvious. For example, how this happens in the cargo transportation company Gazelkin:

The movers will help you pack your things (providing containers) and carefully load them into the car. Considering the distance involved, large appliances, mirrors and furniture will be wrapped in bubble wrap and secured securely.
The company bears full financial responsibility for the safety and delivery of cargo, unlike private traders.
The delivery price is fixed, which is important.
The choice is yours, and good luck in your new place!