Before making the long-awaited move with, you have to spend some time getting ready, which may not suit many people. It is best to start packing all your things some time before moving, for example a week. Let’s first figure out what the stages of preparation are and what they are.

The very first thing to start with is organizing all processes. Of course, it is worth preparing boxes for moving, preferably large ones, so that you can pack items of different sizes. A couple of days before moving, take care of your belongings, as well as the belongings of those with whom you plan to move. These can be both personal belongings and sets of things that will definitely be useful to you. If you plan to transport fragile items or glass items, then as an option you can use the same clothes that you have not used for a long time to ensure safety during transportation (it is better to pack them with stretch). Of course, it is better not to neglect the packaging, since it is more durable and is primarily intended for protection.How to properly pack clothes when moving?

When working on everything yourself, without the help of specialists, it is important to find a suitable place where you can lay out all your things and start packing them. Use boxes, packaging materials and tape as a basic set, then number everything for convenience.

In fact, there is nothing complicated in working with clothes; it is important to check everything afterwards for the presence of any clothes that you might have forgotten in the end. For convenience, first of all, you can collect everything that you do not use every day, for example, out-of-season clothes, shoes, some dishes.