Before you pack and pack your clothes for moving with, take some time to sort through them.

Sort through your belongings
Set aside clothes that you will never wear again. Go through your closet and divide your clothes into three piles. One for donations, one for sale, and one that you plan to wear yourself.
Sorting through clothes can be challenging. Outfits that you love but no longer fit you can be hard to part with. But remember that unwanted clothes only take up space.How to prepare your clothes for moving

Donate your clothes
Donating clothes to charity or giving them to a local church is a great way to help those in need. Clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year, but are in good condition, can get a new life. In addition, you will make room in your new closet.

Sell your clothes
Do you have expensive jeans that don’t fit you? Or a designer handbag that you don’t need? If you have items in your closet that you will never wear or use again, sell them online or at specialty thrift stores.