To prevent a change of environment from negatively affecting the child’s fragile psyche, parents must properly prepare their children for this event. Kids will be ready for a new place of residence if they are periodically told about all the benefits of moving. Describe the advantages of their future room, the presence of a modern playground in the yard, etc.

How to prepare a child for moving? It is important to consider his age. The “critical” age for moving is 6–12 years. Children must adapt not only to their surroundings, but also to part with their friends. It is especially difficult if a change of place of residence entails a change of school.How to prepare children for moving?

Consider the child’s interests. If your daughter loves to dance, find a dance school near your new apartment. Let them know that you would be happy to go there with your child. Does your son like football? It would be good if there was a stadium or football section near the house.

Failed to interest your child in the prospects of moving? Do not despair. Think of a reward that your offspring will receive if he agrees to a new place of residence. The main thing here is not to let the child understand that he can now receive gifts for every positive decision. Otherwise, it will negatively affect further relationships with him.

A good effect can be achieved if you ask your child to help arrange a new place of residence. Take him shopping for finishing materials. Let him take part in choosing wallpaper, flooring, etc.