To understand how to pack a particular cargo, you need to select a method for a specific type of transported item and call

Appliances. Depends on the size of the device. Of course, if it is compact, it should be packed in insulating material and fit well in the box. The equipment itself should be packed as tightly as possible so that there is no chance of damage inside the box;
Fragile – products that are subject to strong external influences are fragile; when packaging, it is necessary to separate each product from each other so that there is no interaction;How to pack things for transportation?
Equipment. For example, you can take the same air conditioner. If you are lucky enough to not throw away the original box, you can use it and wrap it to ensure integrity. For glass items, you need to use soft, shock-absorbing packaging. It is worth strengthening with tape;
For plants, only air bubble film is suitable, as well as a box of a suitable size for the flower.
During transportation, it may happen that during exposure to a negative environment, the cargo may become deformed, etc. Therefore, the correct selection of packaging materials, as well as compliance with all the rules, can guarantee that things will be safe both during the move and upon arrival at the new place. For international shipping, especially if you plan to ship by mail, the post office staff will want to look at the contents of the box before shipping. Therefore, you need to pack the cargo in such a way that it can be easily opened and make sure what is there, and then finally pack it right before shipping. The second option is to ask them to pack the mail if they have such a function.