Safety depends entirely on the correct packaging of things, as well as their correct placement in the car This mostly applies to fragile items, as well as equipment and furniture. Clothes can be packed as you wish, the main thing is to protect them from dust and compact them well.

Clothes – any, the fabric does not require any special packaging, boxes, bags, bags, suitcases – whatever you have on hand;
Fragile – this applies to equipment with glass, dishes and kitchen utensils. There are several combinations that will work – bubble wrap + tape + box, wrapping paper + tape + box, cardboard + stretch. The first option will be the safest, especially for mirrors and any glass;How to pack things correctly?
Appliances – all other large household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, stove) and small ones (kettle, microwave). A large one can be wrapped in several layers of stretch film to protect it from scratches and dirt; if you find a box of the right size, it will also work perfectly. Small ones can be put in a box, for greater safety, fill the missing space with paper or any other filler;
Furniture – 2-3 layers of stretch film will be more than enough to protect it from scratches.