You’ve reduced the number of things you own. Now you need to figure out how to pack clothes for moving with Here are the best ways to categorize and pack your items.

How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving
In addition to shirts, pants, and formal attire, you likely have a lot of clothes hanging out. Since it wrinkles easily, it is important to style it correctly. Don’t spend the whole day ironing. The four most effective ways to pack hanging clothes without unnecessary wrinkles:

1. Wardrobe drawers
It is best to transport hanging clothes directly in closets on hangers. This will avoid creases.

2. Clothes bags or garbage bags.How to pack moving clothes by type
Protecting your clothes while moving is not a difficult task. Some items can be packed in bags to prevent dirt and dust from entering. This will also help you save space in your car. Bags of clothes can easily be placed on top of other boxes. If you are on a budget or short on time, you can use trash bags.

How to pack the rest of your clothes for moving
The best way to pack clothes that are in dresser drawers is to leave them there and tape the drawers shut. However, this can make loading your furniture difficult. You may need to empty the chest of drawers if it is too heavy to lift.
In this case, you will need medium sized boxes and some wrapping paper. Place your clothes inside. To make unpacking easier, separate your clothes with paper so you can see which shelf they were on in the closet.

How to pack shoes for moving
Stuff each shoe with packing paper or socks to maintain its shape. Then wrap the shoes individually in packing paper to prevent scratching. Depending on how many shoes you have, you can pack them in small or medium sized boxes.
Also, be sure to place your heaviest shoes at the bottom of the box and the lighter ones on top. This will prevent your winter boots from crushing your sandals.