Transporting fragile goods requires special attention and care. To protect the product from damage during transportation, it is necessary to pack it correctly. In this article we will tell you how to pack fragile cargo.

Choose the right packaging material with help For fragile cargo, it is best to use materials that provide reliable protection. This may include bubble wrap, plastic film, cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, packing tape and other materials;
Inspect the shipment before packing. Before packing fragile cargo, you should carefully inspect it for scratches, chips and other defects. If the product already has some damage, you must report this during transportation;How to pack fragile cargo?
Wrap the load in protective material. Before packaging the product, it must be wrapped in protective material to avoid damage during transportation. Bubble wrap and plastic wrap can serve as excellent protective materials;
Place the cargo in the packing box. If you are transporting fragile cargo in a box, you must place it inside in such a way as to avoid contact with other objects. It is recommended to use additional packaging materials such as corrugated cardboard, foam and film to ensure reliable protection of the product;
Secure the packing material. Once the product is wrapped and placed in the shipping box, it must be secured with additional materials, such as packing tape;
Label the packaging. Don’t forget to label the packaging, for example, indicate on it the inscription “Caution! Fragile!” so that carriers know that the cargo inside is fragile.