No move with would be complete without technology, because it can be completely different and can be divided into:

Household – washing machine, dryer, microwave, refrigerator, stove, etc.;
Air conditioning, computer, TV, tablet, laptop, etc.
Each of these units needs to be packaged differently, because each has its own weak points and differences.

HOUSEHOLDHow to pack equipment for transportation?
This equipment needs to be packaged to avoid mechanical damage, because refrigerators are made of durable material (if we are not talking about glass and mirror ones). Therefore, it needs to be protected from dust, dirt and scratches. Stretch film and cardboard will be quite enough, ideally, of course, the factory packaging would serve, if there is none, don’t worry, it can always be repeated. You may not find a box for a large device in a hardware store, but you can use cardboard, foam plastic and tape. Small appliances can be placed in a box and additionally take up all the remaining space with foam/paper/foam rubber.

All devices that have screens must be packaged in a durable manner. TVs are the ones that are easiest to break, especially light, thin plasmas. They need to be wrapped with stretch, then with cardboard, then with stretch a few more times – this is the simplest type of packaging. If you get a little confused, you can find a box of a suitable size, then fill the entire empty space with polystyrene foam. You should do the same with computers.

Equipment is the most expensive thing that every apartment has; it cannot but be restored after a breakdown, and purchase/repair will cost much more money than packaging materials. If you are not confident in your abilities, trust the professionals who will carefully and quickly do everything for you.