Follow the steps and instructions from below to learn how to pack your dishes and glasses.
Step 1: Add cushioning material.
Before you begin packing the box, place crumpled paper or other cushioning material in the bottom of the box. Add packing material to fill any voids.
Step 2: Wrap the dishes thoroughly
Start with the heaviest items. Place the dish on a piece of wrapping paper (or other wrapping material from the list above), and pull and fold the corners of the paper over the top of the dish. You can individually wrap 4-5 items and then wrap them all together for added protection.
For glasses, fill the glass with a piece of crumpled wrapping paper (or other packing material of your choice). Then place the glass on the edge of the paper and wrap it around it. Seal with masking tape to prevent unraveling.
Step 3: Place the dishes in a box.How to pack dishes
Place each glass upright, side by side. Create an even layer of dishes. If you are packing different cups or glasses, place the heaviest ones at the bottom of the box.
Step 4: Fill excess space with towels
Once your dishes are packed in a box or container, fill any excess space at the top with kitchen towels or napkins. This will add extra protection to prevent them from shifting during transport.
Step 5: Double tape the box.
If you pack your dishes in cardboard boxes, double seal them with shipping tape to prevent them from accidentally opening. If you’re using a plastic storage container, you may not need tape, but if the container doesn’t close properly, it can’t hurt to use tape to seal the edges.

Tips for packing dishes and glasses
• Label your boxes: what they contain and where they come from. This will save you from having to unpack all the kitchen boxes only to find a bowl and cereal the morning after your move.
• Save boxes and wrapping paper after unpacking: The boxes can be used for your next move, or you can help others by posting free boxes on social media.
• Pots and pans do not require additional protection: when packing pots and pans, place them separately from dishes and glasses. To prevent minor scratches, you can use napkins with towels to prevent them from rubbing against each other.