Any move is a troublesome process, and in the case of an office move, it is also labor-intensive. It would seem that the office space does not have such an abundance of things and household utensils that require a lot of time and effort to prepare for the move. However, everywhere there are pitfalls.

When preparing for an office move, employee organization and attentiveness are very important. It makes sense to plan the course of action and distribute responsibilities among employees.

The conditional algorithm of actions for an office move is as follows:

At the first stage, an audit is carried out, which will allow you to get rid of unnecessary things. This action is organized office-wide, as well as by each employee at their workplace.How to organize an office move
Preparing cardboard boxes for packaging. We carefully pack archival and current documents in plastic film and then in cardboard boxes. Let’s label the boxes! The more seriously you approach the issue of labeling, the sooner the functioning of the office in the new location will be restored.
We empty drawers and cabinets, pack the contents into boxes and bags. Advice: do not use a box that is too large in size for small items, because… There will be a great temptation to fill it to capacity, and the container will become unbearable.
We pack office equipment. It is advisable to transport it in its original container. Be sure to mark the top and bottom to avoid damage to expensive equipment.
Wrap furniture in bubble wrap and secure with tape.
If each employee strictly fulfills their duties, the process of collecting things will not drag on for a week.

Transport company and office relocation
Of course, in words everything turns out very smoothly. In fact, independent office moves often end in the breakdown of expensive equipment, chips in furniture, and your favorite office aquarium being smashed to smithereens.

To avoid such troubles, it is enough to use the services of a reliable transport company with a good reputation. You will be provided with a high-quality comprehensive service for office transportation with full responsibility for the safety of property. What is a comprehensive service? Reputable trucking companies take everything into account.