When it comes to moving with https://www.flashmoving.net/long-distance-movers/boston-new-york-moving/, everyone dreams that everything will be successful. Especially if this is the first or most long-awaited move that you have dreamed of. For everything to go well, you need to follow a plan and a set of rules.

Collect your things, disassemble everything that you can take apart. If you cannot cope with this task, ask friends or immediately contact a moving company;
Choosing a company is the most important step; you need to clearly describe your request so that every company you call can give you a price. In addition to all this, you should not choose the first ones that catch your eye, call those who are on the first page of Google, this will be at least 10 different companies. Choose someone with whom it was pleasant and clear to communicate, who gave you an adequate price and, of course, do not forget to read the reviews;
When the choice has already been made, clearly describe your request, for example, you need packaging, wash, provide a photo/video of what is being transported so that everything can be calculated for you;
Upon arrival of the driver, discuss the tariff with him; if at the beginning you are told one amount, and at the end another, and not justified, this is not correct.How to make your move more successful?

To prevent anything from breaking and spoiling your mood, you need to carefully pack the cargo. This is especially true for fragile equipment; believe me, it will be better and cheaper to spend on packaging than on restoration/repair/purchasing a new one. How to pack:

Fragile – dishes, vases, cups, etc. Box, cardboard, foam and tape. For example, we take a plate, put cardboard on it, then the next one, put cardboard on it. In this way, you can put as many plates of the same size as you like, then fill the box with something and fill the empty space with something;
Equipment – the best option would be factory packaging, if it is not there, try to imitate it;
Furniture – several layers of stretch film will be enough.
The main thing in moving is time, money and to ensure that nothing gets broken, follow the recommendations, choose the right company and you will succeed!