Sofas belong to the category of large-sized items and for ease of carrying and transportation they are usually disassembled.

How to disassemble an accordion sofa for transportation: first you need to disconnect the back bar and remove the sides; release the headboard from the grooves and roll out the box with a triple frame; disconnect the box. Pack all received components (sidewalls, box and folded mechanism with mattress) in protective film. That’s it, the “accordion” is ready to move!How to disassemble a sofa for transportation
How to disassemble a Eurobook sofa. It is impossible to transport such a sofa assembled – it will not fit through the doorway. The Eurobook consists of a backrest and a seat, forming a single berth when unfolded; frame and armrests (for some models). Using a wrench, unscrew the fasteners and disconnect the seat from the backrest. If the sofa is equipped with sidewalls, remove them first. We wrap all parts with protective film for safe transportation.
If you cannot prepare the sofa for transportation yourself, use the services of a cargo taxi.

How to move a sofa book
Transporting a sofa is not an easy task. Especially if it is bulky and voluminous. If you have a personal car, you can transport the sofa on the top trunk, pre-wrapping it with film and securing it securely with a strong rope. Owners of station wagons can place a disassembled sofa in the trunk of a car.

When you do not have your own transport, the same transport company will help solve the question of how to transport an accordion sofa or how to transport a click-klyak sofa. Careful movers will disassemble furniture of any design if necessary, pack it and transport it to the right place with all precautions.