To make your home move inexpensive, you can do a few simple things. The main advice is not to do it on your own, but to seek help from a

get rid of unnecessary things. You shouldn’t carry things you don’t like or don’t work well. This way you will reduce the volume and weight of transported property;
Consolidated cargo transportation is cheaper. The cost of a container is divided among several customers;
start preparing early. Collect all the documents and bags that you will take with you. Then you won’t waste extra time looking for what you need when a car is waiting for you;
terminate contracts with service providers, such as your internet service provider, in advance. It’s easy to forget about this when you move, and the subscription fee may be deducted automatically.How to cheaply transport things to another city?

But there is something you definitely shouldn’t skimp on:

Don’t refuse insurance. It applies to emergency situations beyond the control of the carrier. During the journey, for example, an accident may occur. If your things are damaged because of it, then insurance will allow you to compensate for the damage;
do not refuse the services of movers. You will spend more time loading and may be injured. There is no point in saving on your own health;
transport a lot of things in a rental car or container. You will have to make more than one trip in a passenger car. As a result, spending on gasoline will be more than the cost of freight company services;
for fragile ones, choose stronger containers. Durable boxes cost a little more than regular ones, but they will protect your dishes.

Minor savings can affect your health, energy and time, and also lead to additional expenses. It is better to pay a little more during the move than to pay for a long time for its consequences.