We all move with https://www.flashmoving.net/household-movers/apartment-movers/two-bedroom-movers/ sooner or later; people without much baggage can do this quite easily, but what about housewives with a large number of plants of different sizes? Our answer is easy! Transporting flowers in a car will be much easier if you adhere to certain rules, namely:

A few days before transportation (two to four days will be enough), stop watering the flowers. Why? Because transporting a flower to another city or over shorter distances will be much easier if the soil is dry. Your greenhouse will be more stable in its pot.
Packing is the most important attribute of successful transportation; a cargo taxi “Moving Expert” can do all the work for you, but if you decide to tackle this issue yourself, then we will tell you how professionals do it.How to carry flowers in a car?

Small flowers – they should be placed in a box of the appropriate size, then secured in place, namely, sealed with crumpled paper or any available material so that the flower does not move in the box.
Medium size – you need to wrap the branches with paper or rope so that they are not damaged when moving in a cargo taxi. After this, repeat all manipulations as with small plants.
Large ones can be transported as well as medium ones, but you can do without containers and wrap them in a bag.
For greater safety, it is better to order a cargo taxi in Kyiv, since the trunk is not designed for transporting fragile flora. A few more tips:

It’s best to place the items last in the car so that other items don’t pile up on them.
And also, order a car with belts in order to securely fasten them in the car.