No apartment move will be complete without equipment and, so you should think about safety in advance, especially if it is large and fragile.

To transport equipment safely, you need to categorize the equipment:

Fragile – TV, monitor. It is worth packing carefully so as not to damage such expensive equipment, it is advisable to get a box of a suitable size or, in extreme cases, take a lot of cardboard and emit a box, bubble wrap is also useful;How to carefully transport equipment?
Dimensional – refrigerator, freezer, washing machines. Many familiar pieces of technology seem small to us, but they are also produced in large sizes. This type of equipment can be wrapped in stretch film to protect it, but in principle you don’t have to bother with packaging;
Unpretentious – washing machine, microwave, kettle, etc. Such equipment can be packed in regular stretch film or wrapped in cardboard to avoid leaving scratches and preserve its appearance.

To choose a vehicle for transporting equipment, you need to know its dimensions, if we are talking about large items. For example, tall refrigerators, if you plan to transport them while standing, you need to accurately measure the height so that it fits into the car. A side-by-side refrigerator must only be transported while standing and you definitely need 4 loaders, because they generally weigh at least 100 kilograms and have large dimensions.