Moving your personal belongings to a storage facility will not require any effort if you hire a professional company to help you. What to do first:

Decide on the amount of cargo to be transported; if it is not yet packed, then you definitely need to do this;
Packaging – clothes – regular boxes, fragile – bubble film and tape. It is best to disassemble the furniture so that it does not take up much space, and also wrap it in stretch film;

How quickly can things be transported to the warehouse?

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Search for a company that has boxes for storing cargo, as well as a company that will transport this cargo.
If you don’t want to do it yourself, but need to do everything quickly? You can contact a moving company that will deliver all the necessary packaging materials, as well as completely disassemble, assemble and pack everything. With a small amount of transport and a lot of desire, all this can be accomplished in one day. But everything depends more on whether a box of the required size is available and whether the cargo can be transported on that particular day.

After all, packing things, even with a large volume, will not take professionals more than 7 hours. Especially if you hire several people at once.