DO NOT PACK or transport items that are too old or damaged without Packing and moving unnecessary furniture will only further burden your budget.
DO NOT start packing without first preparing the necessary packing materials. Remember that packing paper, bubble wrap and stretch film are essential for successful packaging.
DO NOT pack very dusty or dirty furniture. Why? Any abrasive particles left on the surface can damage the fragile surface during movement.HOW NOT to pack furniture for moving
DO NOT use duct tape on delicate surfaces to avoid damaging the finish. Instead, pack fragile furniture with soft, clean packing paper first, then use bubble wrap or blankets on top as a second layer of protection.
DO NOT leave large items fully assembled unless you have measured them and are sure they can be easily removed from the apartment.
DO NOT leave large exposed areas on items and hope they don’t get damaged along the way. You should never rely on luck when moving because the moving process is quite unpredictable and you should be prepared for anything.
DO NOT rush into packing without assessing whether you can handle it all without professional help. This is especially true when packing high-value antique furniture. Professional packers and movers know exactly what it takes to keep any type of furniture safe and sound.