All office administrators, as well as ordinary people who want to move a safe, are wondering how to do this? After all, such things can weigh either 20 kilograms or 600, or even more, when it comes to bank safes. There are many controversial issues that need to be resolved, such as how many movers are needed to load?

This must be accepted, because one mover is suitable for a device up to 50 kilograms, but for 500 kilograms you will need 4-6. The number of people also depends on their abilities, since some loaders have a good and strong physique and are capable of carrying 300-350 kilograms together. But sometimes 4 people can’t lift that much weight, let alone load it into a car. How to choose:How many movers are needed to transport a safe?

Initially, accurately describe the dimensions, weight and location of the device. If you carry it far enough, and the dimensions are not small, then you need more hands;
Ask the dispatcher how many people there will be, you can also immediately tell how many people brought it to you (but this is not an indicator, due to different physical abilities);
Size – if it is small, but the weight is large, perhaps 6 loaders, in principle, will not be able to approach it. Therefore, you will have to call four strong guys.

Up to 50 kg – 1 loader, if large size – 2;
Up to 100 kg – only 2 people;
Up to 200 kg – from 2 to 4;
Up to 300 kg – from 2 to 4;
Up to 400 kg – from 4 to 6;
Up to 500 kg – from 6 to 8;
Up to 600 kg – from 6 to 8.

Again, all miscalculations about the car and movers are individual, since this is quite hard work. Not everyone can handle a weight of 50 kg.