Are you planning to move or transport building materials? Do you need to move a large office for 100 people or just remove construction waste? This will not be difficult; it is important to choose the right company, for example, and make a clear list.

Any move should begin with a detailed list of what is being transported. Firstly, it will help you not to forget or lose anything while getting ready. Secondly, you can choose a car wisely or contact a dispatcher who will select a car based on your data.

After making a list and collecting most of the things, you can call moving companies, describing all the cargo that you have.How far in advance do I need to order a car?

If you do not know this information, it is too early to call:
Address – if you are not yet sure of the second address, we will not be able to correctly calculate the route;
Amount of cargo – you haven’t started packing yet, but you’re already calling and asking “how much will it cost?” – you will not be given a clear answer. At most, they will calculate several car options for you;
Loaders – if you need them, then we need to know if you have an elevator, how long the corridors are and how much the refrigerator weighs, but we understand that you did not weigh it. But in the induction for use or on the reverse side there is this information.

When you know most of them, you can safely call everyone and find a more profitable option. You can order a car even a few hours before the desired time. But if you need special equipment, then 1-2 days before the date.