The type of cargo transported directly affects the cost of moving with, since all its characteristics are taken into account, for example:

Weight – for the most part this applies to equipment, building materials and garbage; the greater the weight, the higher the price; Volume – the choice of machine also depends on this parameter, for example, a 4-meter bead can fit a maximum of 5 pallets or about 40 medium boxes;
Dimensions – if you need to transport 6-meter pipes, this can be done either with a 4.5-5 meter truck or with a 6 meter truck. According to the law, it is possible to transport cargo so that 1 meter protrudes from the sides. But be careful, because there are some materials that must be transported only in a car of the right size, as they can become deformed and remain unusable;How can the type of cargo affect the cost of the car?
Features – a special type of loading (top and side), tilt vehicles will cost more, and this also applies to a tail lift. Basically, these types of loading are needed for transporting equipment, construction materials and large items;
Tail lift – it can also be used in a regular apartment or office move. But in larger ones, with its help it is very convenient to transport large and heavy items of equipment from the apartment and, in principle, you can load the car faster.
The main thing is to immediately warn the dispatcher about possible nuances that directly affect the type of vehicle and the number of loaders. After all, we primarily focus on you and your words in selecting a car, but in most cases we always choose a larger car.