Packing is not a process for the faint of heart, especially if you are doing it for the first time. First, you should stock up on packaging containers: cardboard boxes, bags and paper (you can use advertising newspapers that neighbors put out of mailboxes on the windowsill as unnecessary).

Boxes can be signed immediately and things can be placed in them according to the labeling. If you are distracted from getting ready by phone calls and other matters, you may simply forget what was packed and where.

Throw away trash. Don’t worry about unnecessary junk that you haven’t thought about even once in a year. With an unwavering hand, send everything unnecessary to a box marked “trash.”

Getting ready to move

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Secure packed boxes, pull-out parts of bedside tables, tables and cabinets with tape. Fragile items (dishes, chandelier, mirror) should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box, lined with paper.

A backpack can act as an “alarm suitcase”. We put essential things in it: medicines, glasses, soap, charger, documents, money, etc.

By the way, stock up on disposable tableware – it will be useful for celebrating a housewarming party!

You can involve your trusted friends in loading and unloading things, but accuracy and attentiveness when carrying your goods in this case is a big question. Entrust this work to those who know a lot about organization.